Chinese New Year of the Golden Ox

on Sunday 14 February at 12:00 noon
Online and LIVE Broadcast


Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important
festive holiday to the Chinese people all over the World. One-fifth of the World’s
population celebrates the arrival of a new moon on the first day in the Lunar

The London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA) with the support from the Mayor
of London, organises and hosts the Chinese New Year Celebration in London annually
and ordinarily the celebrations span a large footprint of the Borough of Westminster
from London Chinatown to Trafalgar Square. Activities take place over four
performing stages within the proximity of London Chinatown area and are amongst
the largest Chinese New Year celebrations outside China taking place on a single day.
The celebration is often highlighted by its spectacular colourful Parade and Fireworks,
with the main celebration focused on London’s landmark, Trafalgar Square.


Chinese New Year Celebration in London 2021
During the ongoing pandemic and owing to the recent ‘lockdown’ provisions, we
have had lengthy consultations with our local agency partners. As a result, the LCCA
has decided that the Chinese New Year 2021 celebrations cannot take place in public
and will instead take place online.

LCCA will present an online review of Chinese New Year and its past, alongside
new local Chinese Artists for us all to view safely in the comfort of own homes to
enjoy the celebrations together.

The online programming will be hosted in both English and Mandarin, as has been
the tradition in previous years when usually performed from the Main Stage in
Trafalgar Square.

LCCA Chairperson Mr Chu Ting Tang, OBE

"This has not been an easy decision to make and we made the decision to suspend
our preparations for the public celebrations for Chinese New Year with a heavy heart.
We also have no wish to place any additional strain on the NHS, health workers and
others who are working so hard to keep us all safe and we express our deepest
gratitude and utmost admiration for their work dedication during these tough times
for us all. Everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing must come first.”

Programme Line Up

LCCA is pleased to announce their Presenters this year shall be:

Wang Bo :
Phoebe Haines :

Programme Content

Performance : Dragon and Lion Dance, UK Chung Ching Dragon and Lion Troup
Performance : Yi Wind and Fire, Guizhou Song and Dance Theatre
Performance : The Song of Spring,Song by Jixiangsanbao,
Performance : Better Man, Song by Alan Chan
Performance : Long Tassels Drum, China Oriental Performing Arts Group,
Performance : Mvt i Meccanico by Zivkovic, Aurora Percussion Duo, Delia Stevens & Yu Le
Performance : Why are Flowers so Red, Shanghai Theatre Academy
Performance : Jasmine (Let it Show), Song by Jane Maria and Ovin Adekale
Performance : I come from Baesha, Guizhou Song and Dance Theatre
Performance : Drumming, Red Poppy Ladies Percussion Group
Performance : Say Something, Song by Jane Duan
Performance : Animal-Style Boxing, Henan Shaolin Temple Monk
Performance : Finale, UK Local Artists


Guizhou Song and Dance Theatre

Guizhou is an inland province situated in Southwest China. and a world-famous
destination for mountain tourism. Guizhou has been home to many ethnic groups, of
which Miao is the largest one. Other major ethnic groups include Buyi, Dong, Tujia,
Shui, and Yi. China is composed of 56 ethnic groups.


- Yi Date: Yi Wind and Fire:
Cordial and ebullient as fire, Yi men use dance to show their macho fortitude,
enthusiasm and boldness. Pure and beautiful, Yi girls use light dance steps to express
their yearning for the future and expectation for a happy life.


- I come from Basha

Basha Miao is the only ethnic group in China allowed owning guns. In its language,
Basha means a place with lush vegetation. Basha people respect and cherish trees.
Men are like ancient warriors carrying broadswords and guns.
They will shave the head but keep the hair in the central area, wear their hair in a
bun and keep it till the end of their lives. It is the oldest male hairstyle in China,
which can be dated back to the time of Chiyou.


Chinese Lunar Years

The Chinese Lunar Year is designated with one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs, these
are 12 different animal signs in 12 yearly cycles. The tale of the 12 Chinese Zodiac
Signs were determined by the Heavenly Gate Race called for by the Jade Emperor.
This race determined the order in which the animals appeared in the Chinese Zodiac
yearly cycle.


This year in 2021 welcomes The Year of the Golden Ox and is the second animal
emerging from the 12 yearly cycle.


Zodiac Year of the Ox

Those born in the year of Ox are generally solid and strong by impression but in fact,
are soft, quiet and solemn within. They tend to be sincere, honest and easily believe
and lay trust in others.

The Ox is diligent, practical and extremely hard working. They take their own
initiative to strive for personal interests and often prefer to work alone and
independently. They also characterised as being determined and stubborn in
pursuing a goal with endless persistence.

The Ox is also pragmatic, they do not like to take risk, gamble and engage in
speculative business but choose to earn a steady income by hard labouring.
Generally focused on their life, often being systematic, patient and preferring to
adhere to routines and conventions. These qualities will be admired during the
ongoing pandemic, leading by example for staying safe and caring for family, friends,
and neighbours.


To View the Special New Year Programme of the Golden Ox 2021

YouTube :


London Live:

Freeview (UK) Channel 8
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Virgin Media Channel 159
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LCCA grants permission to use the photographs provided in the google drive link
below on the condition credit is given and published as ‘Image by Jon Mo/LCCA’
with the exception of the photograph with the two blue and red flying lions
(04_Copy of IMG_9290) on the condition credit is given and published as
‘Image by Eric Lee/LCCA’ (Google Drive link.)

London Chinatown Chinese Association

LCCA was founded in 1978, to develop and expand businesses in Chinatown and representing British Chinese to engage effectively with the British government. The Organisation also engaged itself relentlessly in the promotion of the Chinese Art and Culture extended the influence of Chinese communities and enhanced the friendship between China and the UK through hosting many events and functions throughout the year.

The LCCA is working in partnership with the Mayor of London (Greater London Authority), Westminster City Council, The Metropolitan Police, London and Partners and other government agencies in delivering this year’s London Chinese New Year Celebration. The LCCA is a non-profit organisation run by enthusiastic volunteers.

For further information:
Festival Director
Lawrence Ma
Mobile: +44(0) 7785 985 885

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Who is the London Chinatown Chinese Association?


  • 1978

    Our Humble Beginnings

    LCCA was founded in 1978, with the aim of developing and expanding businesses in Chinatown and representing British Chinese to engage effectively with the British government . LCCA was also devoted to working closely with the London Chinese Community Centre in providing a wide range of essential services for the many Chinese “living in the United Kingdom and with a heart connecting to China”. More importantly, LCCA served as an outlet for Chinese businesses to voice their concerns and together bringing better conditions and prosperity to the whole of Chinatown.

  • 1987

    Charitable Activities

    From aiding the local Chinese community in London at their moments of need, LCCA spared no efforts in responding to disaster relief activities in China. Over the years, LCCA has raised funds for many China's disaster struck areas, including the Daxinganling fire in 1987, the East China floods in 1991 and the widespread flooding in the Yangtze River in 1998 etc etc.. LCCA has also donated considerable amount of money to the construction of new schools and hospitals in mainland China benefitting many in these worthwhile projects

  • 1997

    Hong Kong Returns

    The LCCA maintains a close relationship and bond with the Hong Kong's New Territories Community. One notable participation by LCCA was the “Preserve The Villages And Clans Action” organised by New Territories Heung Yee Kuk.

  • 2015 New Gateway

    Peace and Prosperity to Chinatown

    The original three Paifang style gates to London Chinatown were compelted in 1986, and has stood proudly in place. To commermorate the UK China Year of Exchange, a new gate was planned to be situated in Wardour Street leading from Leicester Square. LCCA worked with Westminster Council and all local businesses in a major project which involved specialists from China and UK to engineer a beautiful and magnificent structure positioned to meet perfect Feng Shui. The foundations were laid on 9 July 2015 with the gate being made in Beijing by China's top Ching Dynasty gate builders who worked with UK's top engineers to make sure it met all local regulations. It is now amongst one of the most photographed landmarks in London.

  • Today

    Chinese Festivals

    LCCA proudly remains committed to its aim in serving the Chinese business community in London. Today it is also the official organisor of the annual Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year Celebrations held in Chinatown. Over the years these events have not only attracted people throughout Britain but from Europe and around the world. In particular the Chinese New Year Festival is now the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations held outside of Asia, it has become an integral part of the London event calendar and is the biggest outdoor event in London attended by hundreds of thousands people each year.

  • Onwards

    Improve on improvements

    London Chinatown has been transformed into a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable place for its visitors and the local community over the last four decades. Working with the local council and other stakeholders, LCCA will continue to develop and make improvements to meet the changing needs of the area.

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Gratitude to our sponsors for CNY 2020

(in alphabetical order)

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall

Bank Of East Asia

BSF International Ltd

CC Land Holdings Limited

China Mobile International

China Taiping Insurance (UK) Ltd

China Telecom

China Travel

Empire Casino

家 Craft Beer

ERDOS Fashion

Health 100

Hippodrome Casino

Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London

Lu Zhou Lao Jiao

New Talent Group

Ocean Nuclear


Royal China Group

Suns Holding Group

The Royal Mint

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

UK Sichuan Business Association


We would like to sincerely thank Chinese New Year 2020 Sponsors. Without their generous donations, we would not be able to put on a show for you. More sponsors to be added soon.

If you would like to take part or become a sponsor, please email us at


Supported by

(in alphabetical order)

Mayor of London

Westminster City Council


A list of our regular events and past events.

Dining Voucher

Support Chinatown Restaurants

Chinese New Year 2020

Celebrating the Year of the Rat


Mid Autumn Moon Cake Festival 2016

Community Forum

with Deputy Mayor of London

Family Day 2015

The second Family Day Festival

New Chinatown Gate

Foundation laying ceremony for New Chinatown Gate

Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3 comes to London Chinatown

Water Cube 2015

WATER CUBE Overseas Chinese Singing Contest

Chinese New Year 2015

Celebrating the Year of the Sheep

Moon Fest UK

Celebrating the Mid Autumn Moon Cake Festival

Earthquake Appeal

Fundraising for the disaster struck Yunnan (China)

Family Day 2014

Chinatown Family Day in the Summer

Chinese New Year 2014

Celebrations for the Year of the Horse 2014


Join the Volunteer Team at our events

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Filming in Chinatown

DOWNLOAD: Filming Record Form

London Chinatown extends from Gerrard Street to Lisle Street in the South and to the north to include parts of Shaftesbury Avenue.
The London Chinatown Chinese Association works closely with Westminster City Council to support film production in Chinatown.
Our aim is to ensure that these activities continue to be regarded by all as safe, lawful, successful and fair.

Gerrard Street and the majority of the streets and footways within Chinatown are narrow, restricted and busy with pedestrians most of the day.
A planned event therefore will be limited to where it can be safely managed.

Any events taking place within Chinatown will need to prove a benefit to the local community, businesses or residents.

The London Chinatown Chinese Association represents and acts as a liaison with the local community and businesses. Anyone interested in filming in Chinatown should downloand and fill in the Filming Record Form so we can access the impact of the production and consult with the stakeholders likely to be affected.

Please Download the London Chinatown Filming Record Form here: Filming Record Form

The LCCA welcomes donations from filming companies towards the maintenance and development of Chinatown.

Please also contact Westminster City Council to make the appropiate application for your filming project:


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